New Room Decor: Headboard!

Love my apartment in Seattle! A view of Lake Union, a rooftop with a hot tub, updated kitchen, and now.. the master bedroom. When I moved into the master, I needed to also update and change things around a bit. Coral, being my favorite color, made its debut throughout with curtains, side tables, matching pillows and even wall décor.


One thing I needed however, was a headboard. So my mom had the genius idea to use her gardening rack that’s just been sitting around taking up space in her garage.


So my dad strapped it onto the car and three hours later it arrived at my place in Seattle.


Instead of going out and spending a ton on a new headboard, we repurposed the rack that wasn’t being used at my parents house. And, it is perfect! The color is rustic – going great with my coral look. Plus, it is the exact width of my bed.


Love my new room and beautiful headboard. Thanks mom & dad!


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